The Duet

(45 min)

COSSOC is a collaborative duet between a Catalan and Slovenian dancer, made for the outdoors. A hypnotic choreography filled with suggestive images of what two bodies in constant balance can do. A movement research about the complexity and simplicity of a relation. A window for observation and curiosity of the audience, a border between a public and private space.

By establishing an intimate relation between the performers, they create a strong connection, through which they reach the surroundings and integrate with the space. The piece leads the audience on a path of calming down and listening. Perhaps the whole creation is in search of a place to be with ease.


Creation, Direction and Performance: Anamaria Klajnšček & Magí Serra
Composer: Santi Careta
Photography: Nora Baylach
Video: Ignasi Castañé
With Production Support of ElClimamola
Distribution: Fani Benages

Co-Producers: Fira Tàrrega, El Graner Centre de creació, Centre de creació Roca Umbert
Support: La Visiva, C.C. la Barceloneta, Danseu Festival, Figueres es MOU, Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya

Special thanks to Roser López Espinosa, Joana Serra, Nora Baylach, Urša Sekirnik and Adria Pinar.